Why People Are Key to Unlocking the Potential of Businesses, According to Chimney Scientists’ Joe Ochal

Finding the right employees for your company is one of the biggest challenges of running your own business. Done right, a new hire can transform a business. But get it wrong, and new hires can drain your resources, draining you of time, money, and energy.

Joe Ochal, Founder chimney scientistHave been there and believe the right people are the key to unlocking business potential.

As owner of Chimney Scientists, Ochal provides comprehensive chimney maintenance services, including fireplace inspections and repairs, to the people of Chester, Bucks, and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania, as well as parts of Delaware and Philadelphia.

Chimney Scientists also offer a full line of fireplace accessories such as stove connections and gas fittings for ease of operation.

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Since its inception in 2014, the company has grown from strength to strength. The first change was Ochal’s decision to turn his job cleaning his uncle’s chimneys with the Chester County Hearth and Home Company into his own independent business venture.

Ochal has always believed that to reach the next level, you need to have the right tools for the job. You can use inferior equipment, but you have to work harder and lower your expectations of your personal and company capabilities. Investing in quality hardware is critical to the success of your business.

“Our goal has always been to be the best at what we do. To do this we need the right tools. We have invested over $250,000 in professional chimney tools, from the highest quality ChimScan inspection cameras to Thermocrete pumps and augers drilling system as well as specialized roof scaffolding,” says Ochal. “This investment ensures our customers receive the best possible chimney service.”

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Ochal also applies this philosophy to his employment strategy. But he’s not so interested in someone’s experience, and while some prior expertise is always welcome, Ochal focuses on the person under the overalls.

“You don’t need any experience with chimneys to be a good installer. However, having experience in construction will be very useful. When you work in construction, you will encounter a lot of obstacles on the job. That’s why we like working with Work with people who are positive and open to finding solutions at work,” he said.

After all, it’s no use having the best chimney engineer in the field if they don’t have a matching role. When considering new additions to his team, Ochal focuses more on their personalities than their qualifications; he can always upskill his employees himself or by signing them up for courses.

“Eliminating negative attitudes is much harder than developing team members. We already spend about $3,500 per team member per year on education to maintain and service up-to-date chimneys,” he explained. “This continued investment in new technology is about ensuring the safety and protection of our employees, as well as our customers’ family investments. But no amount of money or professional training can change a person’s character.”

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However, it is crucial that this is not just a one-way street. It’s often said that job satisfaction and being appreciated by your boss is as important as money, even if the pay is good. Ensuring that his team members are happy outside of Chimney Scientists is important to Ochal.

He talks to his team about their future, getting them to invest wisely and think about their 401k, other pensions and further investments that will allow them to be fully financially independent when they mature. “I believe that at The Chimney Scientists, we are trying to make you successful so that you can make more money through financial investments than you can work,” shares Ochal.

The founder’s holistic and altruistic approach may send chills down the spine of some SME owners. But by considering the welfare and future of its employees – while ensuring that clients receive the best possible service – Ochal ensures a professional and hardworking workforce, a satisfied clientele and the long-term survival of Chimney Scientists.

About Chimney Scientists

Joe Ochal is the founder of The Chimney Scientists, serving the Philadelphia area. Chimney Scientists is a full-service chimney and fireplace company offering chimney and fireplace repair, inspection and cleaning, and historic restoration.To learn more about chimney repairs visit https://chimneyscientists.com/

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