Verizon Business’ 5G innovation conference series fails

BASKIN RIDGES, N.J., Oct. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Verizon Business will showcase the transformative nature of its business solutions in the next installment of its 5G Innovation conference series at SoFi Stadium on Oct. 19 Advantage. Executives from Verizon, Ericsson, Amazon Web Services (AWS)), SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park, Dreamscape Immersive and Coco will showcase a range of forward-looking scenarios that harness the power of 5G and mobile edge computing. These include real-time container tracking, collaborative robots, video scene analysis to monitor manufacturing assembly, real-time crowd analysis, and interactive cityscapes. The program includes dynamic presentations, speaker sections and panel discussions from Verizon and Ericsson.

“Verizon’s practical application of 5G innovations can improve the way businesses operate, which is why we want our customers to see them in person at the 5G Innovation Conference in Los Angeles,” said Massimo Peselli, Global Enterprise and Public Sector CRO, Verizon Forest Business. “It’s one thing to understand advances in edge computing and private networking in theory. It’s another thing to see them in practice. We want our customers to take advantage of all the capabilities that are available.”

The event, which will be held at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, will feature several high-profile executives, including Massimo Peselli, Chief Revenue Officer, Global Enterprise and Public Sector, Verizon Business; Jennifer Artley, Senior Vice President, 5G Acceleration, Verizon Business ; Danny Johnson, Director, Product Marketing, Verizon Business; Arvin Singh, Head of Innovation, 5G and Edge, Verizon Business; David Hickey, Vice President, Western Commercial Markets, Verizon Business; David Everingham, CTO and Head of Technology, Ericsson; Blaze Vincent, Director, Technology and Business Development, Ericsson North America; Amir Rao, Director, Outbound Product Team, AWS EC2 Core Product Management; Janette Smrcka, VP, IT Innovation and Revenue, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park; Aaron Grosky, President and COO, Dreamscape Immersive; and Sahil Sharma, COO, Coco.

“In Los Angeles, you’ll be able to actively participate in 5G through a lot of interactive experiences,” said David Everingham, chief technology officer and head of strategy for Verizon’s customer division. “The value of 5G is manifested in everyday business applications that require the high capacity, high throughput, low latency, reliability and security of 5G, which, if applied creatively, can solve extreme business challenges. We look forward to showing that Ericsson and Verizon are working on Working together to further advance 5G connectivity for the benefit of all customers.”

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Verizon’s Commitment to Los Angeles
Over the past decade, through nonprofit partners and a range of programs and resources, Verizon Innovative Learning has invested $1 billion in market value to support digital equity and educational inclusion for some of the nation’s most disadvantaged populations. The program celebrates 10 years of free technology, internet access and resources for schools and educators across the United States, benefiting more than 1.5 million students in schools across the United States, including Title I schools.

In Los Angeles County, the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program has reached more than 49,000 students in 39 schools. This school year, the program welcomed more than 7,000 new students in the Los Angeles, Compton and Glendale Unified School Districts.

Additionally, all educators and students have access Verizon Innovation Learning HQ, our free next-generation online education portal offering XR content, professional development and lesson plans.These efforts are part of Citizen Verizonthe company’s responsible business plan for economic, environmental and social progress; this is the foundation for driving social impact and creating lasting change through the use of leading technology.

Verizon recognizes the importance of technology in helping small businesses succeed, which is why our goal is to support 1 million small businesses by 2030. Verizon Small Business Digital Ready is a free online course designed to give small businesses the tools they need to thrive in today’s digital economy, including access to personalized learning plans, expert guidance, and the opportunity to network with diverse business owners . More than 15,000 California businesses have joined the program since it launched in September 2021.

Supporting First Responders Serving California
During 2021, the Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team is deployed to support more than 130 public safety agencies in California, providing mission-critical communications capabilities to first responders in wildfire response efforts and multiple other emergency response operations. Deployed more than 1,100 Verizon Frontline devices and solutions, including mobile hotspots, routers, smart devices, and drones, as well as dozens of deployable satellite solutions, such as satellite picocells on trailers (SPOT), to support California’s first responders.

This support continues in 2022 as the Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team has deployed more than 1,000 Verizon Frontline solutions to support more than 80 California public safety agencies. This ongoing support is provided free of charge to local agencies and represents a continuation of Verizon Frontline’s commitment to investing and innovating in partnership with public safety and government.

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About 5G Innovation Session
Verizon’s 5G Innovation Conference has so far been Atlanta (July), houston (August) and Boston (September). The series will follow in New York (November 8) and Phoenix (December 6). Upcoming events will cover a range of topics including colocation venues, fixed wireless access, private 5G and mobile edge computing.

Founded on June 30, 2000, Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) is one of the world’s leading providers of technology and communications services. Headquartered in New York City, Verizon has global operations and 2021 revenue of $133.6 billion. The company provides data, video and voice services and solutions on its award-winning networks and platforms, meeting customers’ needs for mobility, reliable network connectivity, security and control.

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