Toluna Introduces Industry-Leading Multi-Market Research Technology

Toluna, a global market research and consumer insights company, has just launched a suite of features to facilitate and accelerate multi-market research. The company’s real-time consumer intelligence platform, Toluna Start, can now be upgraded to allow users to launch market research projects in as many countries as possible through a single, simplified setup process. The upgrade also enables the collection of multi-country data in one dashboard for easy analysis.

This new set of capabilities will be especially beneficial for brands looking for agile research solutions for their international projects. Advanced users of Toluna Start will have an easier and faster time creating, launching and analyzing multi-market projects. From the ability to import translations during setup, to a single centralized reporting model that integrates all markets for global analysis, researchers can conduct global research in a more efficient manner.

Key features of Toluna Start’s multi-market research technology include:

  • Faster launch: Ability to build and target unlimited markets with a single, simplified setup.
  • Global Analysis: Access datasets in a single centralized report covering all markets for easy analysis.
  • Translation Management: Option to import questionnaire translations through an intuitive interface or create them within the platform.
  • Maximize Team Efficiency: New simplified approach means less project setup time.
  • Easily scalable approach: Additional marketplaces can be added under the same project at any time.

“Having the ability to perform global research is not enough. Businesses around the world need simple, efficient, agile and scalable solutions to manage their multi-market research,” said Georges Akkaoui, Director of Corporate Accounts and Office Head, Toluna MEA

“Understanding changing consumer habits and markets has never been more important for businesses in the region. The addition of our new multi-market research capabilities reflects our commitment to continuous innovation, providing our customers with simpler, more A fast path to actionable insight – where the speed at which you gain scalable, high-quality insight is key for every business. A single setup process and centralized global analysis make multi-market research easier than ever It’s easier than ever, and it’s also scalable.”

Phil Ahad, Chief Digital Officer, Toluna said: “In a recent study, we surveyed nearly 400 insights and marketing leaders around the world to understand how rapidly changing market conditions and consumer demands are driving them to re-evaluate insights Operations. We found that two-thirds of marketing and insights professionals are more focused on scalability than ever before, and more than half are looking for a technology platform to meet their research needs through innovative automation. These improvements to Toluna Start directly address meet the changing needs of all researchers.”

Toluna Start is the industry’s first and only end-to-end consumer intelligence platform. Toluna Start combines leading technology with integrated best-in-class research methodologies, interviewee access and world-class multi-market research capabilities to deliver high-value insights in real time.

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About Toluna

Toluna is a leading digital insights market research company providing fast and cost-effective consumer insights.

One of our USPs has the industry’s first end-to-end, single sign-on real-time consumer intelligence platform – Toluna Start – which automates research and provides speed and cost advantages. We deliver on the promise of lean and agile research with high-quality data in real-time and on-demand. Toluna Start can be used for BHT, Online Communities (Quality Focus Groups), Concept Testing, Packaging Testing, Analytics, DIY, Mobile Surveys, Dashboards, Digital Tracking, Maximum Difference, Syndication and more.

  • Toluna has proprietary online panels in over 70 markets with over 40 million highly engaged consumers.
  • Our team of 2,800 people in 24 offices delivers approximately 40,000 projects annually for many Fortune 500 companies (ie NBC Universal, BBC, Publicis Group, Dentsu, The Boston Consulting Group, Samsung, Qatar Airways, etc.) .
  • Toluna Start can obtain data from a sample size of N=1000 in half a day in many countries. Field work is monitored in real time, and our automated dashboards enable our clients to gain immediate insight.
  • We offer flexible custom market research services to meet your project-based needs (i.e. questionnaire design, survey programming and hosting, sampling, analysis, reporting, etc.).

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