The Importance of Small Business Saturdays

THOMASBURG, KY — Just after Thanksgiving is Small Business Saturday, a day that honors local businesses in the community.

what you need to know

  • Small Business Saturdays will be held in November. 26 2022
  • It’s a nationally known day to celebrate local businesses
  • Business owner in Thomasburg, KY.Says today is a big day for many entrepreneurs
  • They also said they were happy to live in a community that supported them

“All your neighbors came out to show love and support, as they did for the rest of the year, but everyone was happier,” Shannon Motzer said.

Motzer is an entrepreneur himself. She owns Lavender Trail Boutique and Gifts in Thomasburg. The store sells many clothing items and more. Next to her shop is Fort Thomas Coffee—not just a cup of Joe, but a Citadel and Connect center. Owner Christine Smalley said local businesses everywhere have faced many challenges over the years.

“It’s been really, really challenging, especially in public-facing businesses and retail businesses. A lot of us have been running hard and never stopped,” Smalley said.

For Smalley, running a business is all about feeling community. For her, two words mean a lot: thank you.

“It’s more than anything. Far more than you’ve done well. It means a lot when people say we see you, we see what you’ve done to stick with us, to serve us, to support us, so Yes, thank you means a lot,” she said.

At the end of the day, Motzer says supporting local businesses is one of the most important things you can do — because it goes a long way.

“You’re not just supporting a business, you’re supporting a family, you’re supporting an extended family, maybe a college education,” she said.

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