Subtitle How AI technology can speed up diagnostics in the health sector

Caption Health, a leader in artificial intelligence and improving cardiac ultrasound diagnostic services, recently received regulatory approval for its Caption AI technology platform in Canada and Australia.

Company CEO Steve Cashman emphasized that easy-to-use technology, particularly images that patients can send to doctors, has been a major driver of better outcomes.

Steve’s thoughts:

“It’s been amazing to me. I’ve been doing telehealth for the last ten years, right? So it’s about getting the right doctor and the right patient to the right place, right? Technology takes away those barriers. But what we didn’t address then was getting the right information.

At EnTouch, we have an application. Teledoc bought the company two years ago and I left, but we have a telestroke program and we have about 3,000 rural emergency rooms. It’s unique in that we can get a CT and get an image of the brain in six minutes like we do today and find a neurologist on the other side of Skype.

They can determine if you’re having a stroke and how to treat it, and you’re literally losing millions of brain cells every minute. They say time is the brain, but there is no image of that stroke happening. It’s okay if there’s a gentle neurologist on the phone, there’s not much to do.

They lack the data they need to decide what to do with you. That’s what’s so special about the title. When they called me, I said, man, I don’t want to wait for my grandma to get in the ambulance. It happened to her and unfortunately she passed. I wondered the week before; did she have clogged arteries?

Does she have structural heart problems? and. So how do we get the previous image? How do we get that image from you now?

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