South Bend police unveil ‘real-time crime center’ tech

An interactive map showing the cameras the city has and how they're being used in the police department's new Fusus system to track real-time crime investigations, Wednesday, December 12.  South Bend Police Headquarters at 701 W. Sample St. on 14.2022. in South Bend.

SOUTH BEND – A blue badge-shaped icon spins rapidly across a map of South Bend while a yellow warning sign pops up to display information about traffic accidents and robberies. The overlay also highlights a number of camera icons that can be clicked to get live video feeds from across the city.

The display looks like a scene from a Jason Bourne movie, but as of mid-December, all South Bend police officers now have access to the Fusus app as part of the department’s transformation into a “real-time crime hub.” program.

Earlier this year, Mayor James Mueller announced that the South Bend Police Department recently rolled out a new public safety system and is now using the technology integrated into the Fusus app in its daily operations. Crime analysts will use a room full of monitors as the “hub” for the real-time crime center, though the center won’t be operational until January, officials said.

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