Solarjuice Technology Awarded Two Provisional Patents for Solar Module Manufacturing

McClellan Park, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2022 / SPI Energy Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: SPI) (the “Company”) is a global renewable energy company providing solar energy storage and electric vehicles to commercial, residential, government, logistics and utility customers (EV) Solutions, today announced that Solarjuice Technology Inc.’s solar manufacturing division (DBA Solar4America) has been granted two provisional patents related to rework equipment (enabling EVA, backsheet and complete solar string replacement on a solar module production line) and another patent swap related to solar cells.

These two patents will lead to huge advances in the field of solar module production.

The first patent is for equipment related to the rework process during solar module manufacturing. The device can be used for replacement of EVA, backsheets and entire solar cell strings during the manufacturing process. The method enables automatic repair when defects are diagnosed in electroluminescence (EL) testing of solar panels prior to lamination. The device will also reduce the time to identify and replace EVA, backsheets and entire solar string replacements.

SPI Energy Co., Ltd., Tuesday, December 27, 2022, press release image

SPI Energy Co., Ltd., Tuesday, December 27, 2022, press release image

The schematic above shows the rework equipment machine.

The second patent would create a mechanism for replacing defective solar cells in a given solar string during the manufacturing process of a solar module. This solar cell replacement can be performed when a defect is diagnosed in a particular solar string prior to actual lamination (by electroluminescence testing), or when a previous quality control operation provides information on the local location of the defective solar cell. The process will also reduce the time to identify and replace any defective solar cells.

SPI Energy Co., Ltd., Tuesday, December 27, 2022, press release image

SPI Energy Co., Ltd., Tuesday, December 27, 2022, press release image

The schematic above shows the battery replacement machine.

Peng Xiaofeng, Chairman and CEO of SPI Energy, commented: “These two new patents are groundbreaking in the field of solar manufacturing. By reducing the steps in the module manufacturing process, higher quality production can be achieved while reducing Downtime. We are pleased to implement these patents into our manufacturing process and help bring solar design manufacturing to the next level. As solar manufacturing processes evolve and the need for improved quality assurance increases, we will take advantage of these new technologies to produce superior solar modules. We firmly believe that these new patented technologies will create new standards in solar manufacturing.”

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