SimpliSafe® Pilots Breakthrough Monitoring Technology Potential to Revolutionize Professional Surveillance and Emergency Response

Home Security Company Launches Beta Testing Program With 24/7 Onsite Guard Protection, Industry-First Surveillance Innovation Enabled by New Wireless Indoor Camera

boston, February 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — simple and safean award-winning manufacturer of home security systems, announced that starting today, selected qualified customers will have the opportunity to participate in the beta testing of 24/7 Real-time Protection Protection, a revolutionary professional monitoring innovation that allows professional monitoring agents to Help stop crimes in real time by enabling them to see and talk to intruders during alarm events.

New SimpliSafe Smart Alerts Deliver Groundbreaking Surveillance Advancements Wireless Indoor Security Camera, a battery-operated wireless indoor security camera, is available today exclusively to beta participants.Together, Smart Alerts Cameras and 24/7 on-site guard protection will take customer protection one step further than the competition.

Unlike other indoor cameras, Smart Alarm Camera is the first indoor camera that can instantly trigger an alarm with a built-in professional-grade motion sensor, and it also sounds a built-in siren when unusual motion is detected and activates the system. The camera’s advanced motion detection and artificial intelligence features are sophisticated enough to distinguish between everyday movement, like a house pet, and unusual movement from potential intruders. Like all SimpliSafe cameras, the Smart Alarm Cameras provide video verification, allowing surveillance agents to capture evidence and verify that threats are real1enabling priority scheduling and ultimately faster response2.

The addition of 24/7 on-site guard protection is designed to keep SimpliSafe customers safe by effectively deterring crime, as monitoring agents can now see and communicate directly with intruders. SimpliSafe’s 24/7 on-site guard protection will bring the residential market the benefits of an on-site talking service often used for commercial security purposes.

“As we think about the future of home security, we want to provide better security and protection than the industry has in the past, and change the role of home security from being reactive in connecting first responders to emergencies to being proactive in helping stop crime in real time.” Christian Zelda, CEO of SimpliSafe. “Our new hardware and monitoring innovations offer customers just that – new smart alerts Cameras and 24/7 on-site guard protection not only provide a quick and reliable response in emergencies, but together they work together to stop these emergencies from happening and keep families safer than ever. “

Like SimpliSafe’s suite of products and services, the latest innovations have been developed with protection and privacy in mind.Similar to SimpliCam HD Indoor Camera, Smart Alarm The camera has a mechanical privacy shutter that clicks open and close audibly and visually, and closes by default when the system is set to home mode or off.Like SimpliCam, Smart Alerts What makes a camera different is that it provides privacy when the client wants it and protection when it needs it.

24/7 Live Guard Protection is the latest professional surveillance feature powered by Quick Protect™ Technologya suite of products and features that enhance the SimpliSafe alarm experience and help the company fulfill its mission of keeping every home safe.

smart alert Wireless indoor security cameras with 24/7 live guard protection available today as part of SimpliSafe’s new Beta program3and will be widely used to buy later this year. Customers must have an Interactive Monitoring Plan to enable 24/7 real-time alert The camera will also be available in the UK later this year.

SimpliSafe Beta programs, such as this one, will give eligible customers early access to SimpliSafe hardware and feature development, as well as the opportunity to provide feedback, to prepare products and services for general launch.

To learn more about the new camera and 24/7 live protection, visit – Here you can sign up to receive availability updates, as well as share your interest in special offers and participation in future beta programs.

About SimpliSafe
SimpliSafe has fundamentally changed the alarm industry, pioneering a new approach to making home the safest place for everyone on earth. Founded in 2006, SimpliSafe now protects millions and is dedicated to its founding goal: keeping every family safe. SimpliSafe has been voted a top choice for home safety by several highly regarded publications and was recently awarded the “The Best Overall Home Security Systems of 2022” by US News & World Report. SimpliCam, SimpliSafe, and the SimpliSafe logo are registered trademarks of SimpliSafe, Inc. in the US and other countries.

1 Available to customers who subscribe to Interactive Monitoring and opt-in to video verification
2 Compare unverified SimpliSafe alerts
3 SimpliSafe will contact eligible customers to participate


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