Road construction in Pascagoula is causing headaches for one business owner

Miss Pascagoula (WLOX) – Construction is seen by many along Pascagoula’s Market Street as a sign of progress, but for some, it’s a headache.

People like Tommy Chamberlain, owner of Tommy’s Exquisite Detailing, said he was losing customers because of the dust from ongoing roadworks.

“I tried to get my car down, but there’s dust all over the front of your store,” Tommy Chamberlain said. “Sometimes I think you’re closed because the door is closed. The door is closed because I Can’t put all the dust in there for me to wash the car. I only have two bays here. So, when I open the door, the dust flies in, so I have to close the door.”

Another problem is when he leaves the car in the garage to be handed over to the client the next day.

“When I woke up in the morning, the car was still dusty. I had to rewash the car for the customer again,” Chamberlain said. “Assuming the customer doesn’t get here in 15 minutes, what do you think will happen? I have more cars to fix. I have to get that clean car out, it’s going to be dusty. But I have other The customer needs to be looked after and that car was dusted before the customer arrived.”

Such issues should have been taken into account during the planning stages of projects, he said.

“Someone should consider my business part of this contract because no business on this street is going to be affected because there’s no one else doing detailing or washing cars but me,” Chamberlain said. “I contacted the workers and all they did was laugh and joke because I was upset by the problems they were giving me and they thought it was funny but it wasn’t funny to me at all.”

“Someone reached out and talked to me. It got me in trouble. I was in real pain that people thought it was funny, but it wasn’t funny. Let me sit here every day with dust and all that this project is going on Doubling down on other things. I’ve been losing money on this project since last October and it’s not right.”

WLOX contacted Pascagoula City Manager Michael Silverman, who said roadwork was expected to be complete by mid-February.

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