Representing C’ttee Task Committee, NOTAP on Renewable Energy, Technology

The House Science, Technology and Innovation Committee has urged the Nigerian Energy Commission to use existing resources to reposition the country as a renewable energy hub.

The committee also called for leveraging the work of the National Office of Technology Procurement and Promotion to make Nigeria a technology hub.

Commission chairman Hon Beni Lar made the call during a surveillance visit to the two agencies over the weekend. Lar explained that oversight of the two agencies goes beyond determining the agency’s level of compliance and enforcement.

According to Lar, the ECN is the only government agency charged with advancing the UN climate change agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals on energy and use.

“With more than four decades of operating history, this energy think tank has a strategic role to prepare and steer the country into the post-crude oil-dominated era we now face. As the future of fossil fuels looks very bleak, science and technology are advancing Several giant leaps in favour of renewable and more climate-friendly energy should alert the leaders of Nigerian projects, especially ECNs.”

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