REI Oklahoma Receives Funding to Help Single Female Business Owners

A group is helping single women and single mothers in Oklahoma start or grow their careers. All thanks to a $10,000 grant to REI Oklahoma.

Small business owners say it can be difficult to update technology and make sure workers are paid and protected, so grants like this can really help.

Carrie Wasson is the owner of Glenpool Realty Network. Despite her heavy workload, she enjoys running her own small business.

“Difficult, trying, very rewarding,” Watson said. “I love my job, but small businesses are challenging.”

Getting a small business grant can help reduce stress in tough times, Watson said.

“Applying for grants and getting granted, being able to update technology and have one less thing to worry about in your business is just a huge benefit,” Wasson said.

The REI Oklahoma program turned a $10,000 grant from the Oklahoma Women’s Foundation into several small grants to help single women and single mothers start or maintain their businesses.

“When you’re starting or expanding a business, small grants are really helpful because they allow you to invest in things that may be beyond your reach, but really need help building your business and bringing advanced development to REI Oklahoma Superintendent Melanie Anthony said.

Anthony said many people feel alone when starting a business and don’t know where to turn for help.

She hopes interested women will see that there are many resources out there.

“If you have a vision for something, especially starting a small business, or getting into entrepreneurship, there are resources available that you can implement for you that are good for your family and your community,” Anthony said.

Watson said the grants she has received have made her business better and hopes that others will reach out and get the help they need.

“If it’s easy for a small business, everybody’s going to do it,” Watson said. “Using the resources and help that’s available to you, it’s like a breath of fresh air for your business, and it can really help you move forward. “

If you are interested in this or other grants, we encourage you to contact REI Oklahoma:

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