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It’s hard to miss the positive, calm and humble student of Ernesto Buendia Hernandez.

It’s also hard to miss Buendia.

Buendia is tall—6 feet, 2 inches, to be precise. He grew up watching basketball, playing basketball and being a basketball coach. Now he supports his sister’s basketball journey and watches the Trail Blazers and Lakers in his free time.

In addition to basketball, Buendia was involved in the AVID (Advance Through Individual Determination) program in high school, an elective course designed to prepare students for college and beyond. During the summer, he participated in Young Entrepreneur Business Week, a summer business camp, visiting different universities.

Prior to enrolling at UO, Buendia began his accounting journey at Lane Community College, where he won several scholarships and discovered his interest in the subject.

“I knew I wanted to be in some business field, so when I realized I was doing well in my accounting class, I decided to pursue that,” he said.

When asked what motivated him throughout his studies, Buendia shared: “I helped my family find tax CPAs for their construction business. We found one who could help us but not Someone who speaks Spanish. Nonetheless, this person helped me a lot and inspired me to offer my skills to the Spanish-speaking community.”

While you’ll hear him share the achievements of his two brothers and sister, Buendia’s own is impressive. He is successfully completing his MAcc program and has already placed a post-graduation job with Moss Adams in Portland.

What is Buendia’s best advice for undergraduate accounting students? “Go at your own pace. I think it’s really easy for undergraduate accounting students to compare themselves. Sit in the front row of the class, go to work hours, hang out with like-minded people, and do your best.”

We are confident that Buendía will continue to reach new heights in his accounting career!

-Jacqueline Morales, School of Accountancy, Lundquist College

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