Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Announces 2022 Technology Leaders in SPARK Matrix Analysis of Global Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) Market

Middleton, Massachusetts, October 13th of March 2022 /PRNewswire/—— Quadrant Knowledge Solutions It was recently announced that it was named Count, an Equifax companyas the 2022 Technology Leader for SPARK Matrix Analysis of the Global Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) Market.



The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™ includes a detailed analysis of the global Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) market dynamics, key trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides a competitive analysis and ranking of major Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) vendors in the form of the SPARK Matrix™, providing users with strategic information to assess different vendor capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market positions.

RBA solutions provide strong authentication mechanisms to help determine the risk level and likelihood of fraud. It adds an extra layer of security before providing access by assessing the level of risk. Risk assessment is based on various contextual factors such as IP address, user behavior and role, device and network details, physical location, geographic speed (physical distance between consecutive login attempts), day of the week, time of day, consecutive login failures, and many more. For login attempts with a high risk score, the user is prompted for additional authentication steps to confirm and verify their identity. But if the risk score is low and user behavior is expected, the system will include fewer authentication steps. RBA solutions typically use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to verify an individual’s identity and deter hackers. Rather than simply requesting a username and password, MFA requires an additional authentication factor, which reduces the likelihood of a cyber attack. RBA ensures simplified access for trusted users while enforcing strict authentication for malicious and high-risk users. By balancing security and user experience, RBA is gaining popularity among organizations across a range of verticals.

According to the study “SPARK Matrix: Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) in 2022”, most of the leading RBA vendors offer key features and capabilities such as risk scoring engines, rule management, authentication mechanisms (MFA), self-service management, Alerting and case management, visualization and reporting, and more. However, the sophistication of technical capabilities, the breadth of RBA solutions, and the maturity of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics may vary by vendor offering.

Equifax’s portfolio of Kount RBA solutions, called Identity Trust Platform, includes Kount Command, Kount Control, dispute and chargeback management solutions, Data on Demand and Kount 360 for complete customer journey protection. The platform is built on Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network™, which utilizes supervised and unsupervised machine learning and advanced AI to earn an Omniscore™, an actionable security rating for every transaction. Key features and capabilities of Kount’s risk-based authentication include Identity Insights, Email Insights, Advanced AI and Omniscore, Account Takeover Protection, and Dispute Management.

“The Kount technology from Equifax has earned an award-winning reputation for enabling businesses to improve outcomes while creating an exemplary customer experience,” Say Adam GuntherChief Product Officer at Count. “It’s great to be recognized again by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions as the product we bring to market is a true fusion of digital and physical identity attributes, resulting in a true 360-degree view of the consumer. Kount was acquired by Equifax and we synthesize ID through Equifax , form prefill, authentication and secure MFA solutions enhance Kount’s risk-based authentication and digital identity solutions”

according to Prania GugalAnalyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “Kount’s RBA solution is built on the Identity Trust platform and now also offers Synthetic ID, InstaTouch Pay, InstaTouch ID, account verification, digital identity trust for authentication, and a secure MFA solution following its acquisition by Equifax. Kount A key differentiator of products includes extensive data on global fraud and identity identifiers through the Identity Trust Global Network, which is further combined with Equifax’s physical and digital identity data; integrations with multiple major payment service providers, gateways and platforms ; Complete customer journey protection against ATO attacks, payment fraud protection, dispute management, on-demand data, bot detection and loyalty fraud prevention integrated in one platform. With its comprehensive RBA capabilities, product strategy, ability to address various use cases, and With a strong roadmap, Kount is highly rated across parameters of technical excellence and customer impact, and has been positioned as a technology leader in the SPARK Matrix: Risk-Based Authentication (RBA), 2022.”

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