PhD. Kendra Killpatrick honored with EAB’s 2022 Technology Pioneer Award Editorial Board

Associate Dean Kendra Killpatrick was recently awarded the EAB 2022 Technology Pioneer Award for his innovative leadership in student success. Killpatrick Leadership Academy implemented Navigate, a student success platform.

“Our goal for all Seaver students is that they find an academic program that challenges and inspires them, and that they graduate successfully from Pepperdine,” Killpatrick said. “Using the Navigate platform allows us to provide comprehensive academic support to our students, incorporating many areas of the college such as OneStop, Student Success Center, Faculty Advisors, etc. In addition, the platform’s analytics provide insights into which students can benefit from additional academic support important information to benefit from, we can provide these resources in a timely manner.”

The usefulness of Navigate resonated with students, and 95 percent of Seaver College’s first-year undergraduates downloaded the mobile app. While using this platform, managed by Associate Dean Kindy De Long, students have access to a range of resources to motivate them to progress in their academic careers. In particular, the Navigation app allows undergraduates to receive helpful academic to-do lists, registration options, release advice or financial suspension, while also streamlining graduation applications.

In addition to advocating on behalf of this useful resource, Pepperdine University serves as an Alpha Partner for Next Generation Academic Planning. In this collaboration, the University has helped build an effective tool that enables students to develop their best four-year graduation plans. By designing this program on Navigate, advisors on campus are able to view and provide feedback to students.

“Students, faculty, and campus staff have become proficient in combining online and in-person student support services,” said Scott Schirmeier, President of EAB Technology. “The winners of the EAB 2022 Student Success Partnership Awards are leading the way in rethinking student support models, And use technology in creative ways to put students on the path to graduation.”

The EAB 2022 Technology Pioneer Award recognizes Killpatrick as a leader in leveraging technology for student success. Not only that, but this honor speaks to Seaver College’s commitment to fostering an environment that fosters academic success.

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