OSTP Announces National Earth-Moon Science and Technology Strategy

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has released a new strategy outlining science and technology goals to help ensure U.S. leadership in Earth-lunar space and support sustainable and responsible use and exploration of the region.

This National Earth and Moon Science and Technology Strategy There are four goals, the first is the need to support research and development In order to achieve long-term growth in the Earth-Moon space, OSTP said on Thursday.

Under this goal, OSTP recommends several actions, such as developing and demonstrating emerging technologies and capabilities that will enable a persistent human presence in Earth-lunar space, and developing programs to train and retain future generations of the space workforce.

The strategy’s other three goals are to expand international scientific and technological cooperation in Earth-lunar space; to extend U.S. space situational awareness capabilities into Earth-lunar space; and to implement Earth-lunar communications and positioning, navigation, and timing capabilities through scalable and interoperable methods.

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