Omaha business owners look forward to Small Business Saturday

Omaha, Nebraska (WOWT) – Big shopping weekend for businesses big and small.

The Christmas shopping season officially kicks off with Black Friday deals, but tomorrow is all about the little ones.

Small business owners are hoping Small Business Saturday will help them recover from several years of slump.

Wendy Pivonka says businesses like her legendary comic book store may be small, but they’re an important part of the community.

“They keep their jobs locally, they keep their money and their taxes local,” Wendy said. “Many small businesses specifically try to take advantage of as many other small businesses in the area as possible.”

Wendy said COVID has hit all businesses hard, but she thinks small businesses have been hit much harder.

“I’ve seen a lot of businesses go out of business because of this. Not only during COVID, but during recovery, they can’t get far enough. Supplements and everything are great, but it doesn’t help a lot of small businesses in the long run.”

Businesses large and small are now battling inflation and wondering how much shoppers will spend this year.

“Everyone’s wallets are tighter, so they don’t spend as much. They’re more cautious about what they spend because they don’t know what everything else will cost in the future.”

But Wendy is still bullish on a special Small Business Day.

“Because it’s the first official season and everyone’s out and about, I think people might spend more because they haven’t been able to go out as much over the last few years. I don’t know. I hope .”

From 2010 to 2019, small businesses spent an estimated $120 billion on Saturdays, according to American Express.

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