New Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Program Requirements for Downtown Businesses

On Tuesday, December 20, the Macon-Bieber County Board of Commissioners passed an ordinance aimed at ensuring Macon’s revitalized downtown remains a clean and attractive place for citizens and visitors.this regulations Standardize the collection of solid waste in the central business district, which includes zones CBD-1 and CBD-2.

Every owner, occupier, tenant or lessee of a developed property located in the CBD must meet the minimum solid waste storage and collection requirements of either:

1) have a written service contract with a commercial solid waste supplier that has obtained a valid franchise from Macon-Bieber County, or

2) Receive a waiver from this requirement, which is granted by the Macon-Bieber County Solid Waste Inspector by demonstrating equivalent collection and disposal services.

During your business license renewal, please submit your solid waste collection and disposal provider in your business license renewal application.

If you have any questions, please contact Macon-Bibb Solid Waste Inspector Tinsley Tavares at 478-803-0499. Thank you for helping to ensure the Macon-Bieber County Central Business District continues to grow and thrive.

MBC Approved Commercial Vendors:

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