New imaging tech claims to be cheaper alternative to lidar

Israeli imaging company TriEye has announced the launch of its proprietary SEDAR (Spectrum Enhanced Detection and Ranging) platform, which the company claims is a more cost-effective alternative to typical sensing technologies such as lidar. The platform uses short-wave infrared (SWIR) to create 2D imaging and 3D depth sensing of its surroundings.

The new platform has already drawn significant interest from investors including Intel, Samsung and Porsche.

“The TriEye SEDAR platform has the potential to transform the sensing industry with its unique combination of attributes,” said Avi Bakal, CEO of TriEye. “Developed after a decade of research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, SEDAR combines a SWIR image sensor and laser Illuminators that provide unrivaled high spatial resolution remote imaging and depth sensing in all lighting and weather conditions.

“Compared to other sensor technologies, SEDAR provides a new sensing paradigm with smaller size, higher resolution and easier integration.”

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