More than 200 Arizona businesses selected for NFL’s Business Connect program

Thousands of Arizona businesses applied to join the NFL’s Business Connect program, but just over 200 were selected.

Eligibility includes majority ownership by minorities, women, LGBTQ+, or veterans. Additionally, the business must be located in Arizona.

Businesses ranging from florists to security guards have been selected to be part of the resource guides planned for the Super Bowl event.

They also have the opportunity to socialize with big companies and have a chance to compete for a Super Bowl contract.

One such business is Simply Celeste’s.

The catering business is owned by Celeste Talley, who started the business in 2016

“I learned from my dad that he owned a restaurant called Hearts of Lettuce in the early 90s,” Talley said.

Even though she lost her father a year after owning her own business, she’s still growing. Her company now caters events and Tully has even cooked for some celebrities.

Now, she hopes being selected for the NFL’s Business Connect program will further her career.

“I’m an African-American woman, so it falls into two categories, and they kind of emphasize it, which is really a game-changer for me because sometimes I don’t have the opportunity,” Tully said.

“At this point in the planning process, we have more Super Bowl contracts with Business Connect vendors than any other Super Bowl,” said Jay Parry, chairman of the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee.

The main goal, Parry said, is to leave a lasting legacy.

“Long after the game, we want to make sure our business community is stronger,” Parry said.

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