Miyan Williams Injured: Ohio State RB Indiana Buckeyes’ backcourt depth takes another hit


Ohio State running back Myan Williams suffered a visibly injured lower body in Saturday’s game against Indiana in a 56-14 win over the Buckeyes.

Williams received the ball at the two and six on the edge of the red zone and was tackled during a routine stretch. Despite the seemingly routine tackle, Williams soon realized he was hurting his right leg and called for a coach. He was carried off the field by trainers and off the touchline on a cart. Williams didn’t put any pressure on his right leg.

Williams had 147 yards and 15 touchdowns in the first half against Indiana. In just nine games this season, Williams rushed for 783 yards and 13 touchdowns. In the first two games without running back Trevyan Henderson, Williams rushed for 300 yards and had seven touchdowns on 41 possessions.

The loss continued a frustrating season for the Ohio State running back. Henderson missed several games with a foot injury. Henderson has not cleared 20 carries since September. 24, and does not apply to Indiana. Arizona State moved Chip Trayanum to linebacker, but switched to running back to help with depth. However, he was unable to play against Indiana after a poor performance in practice.

Real freshman running back Dahlan Hayden replaced Williams for the next two games. However, the Buckeyes failed to reach the first drop after the fourth and first possession. Williams entered Saturday with 54 carries for 255 yards. No other active running back has more than 10 carries.

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