Local businesses expect small businesses to get lots of customers Saturday

Morgantown, WV — Businesses in the Morgantown area are gearing up to open shop for the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

With Black Friday over, local shoppers will be walking around the Morgantown area to take advantage of Saturday’s small business deals.

Deputy Mayor Danielle Trumble said shoppers in downtown Morgantown, in particular, can expect several promotions and family-friendly events starting at 11 a.m. and continuing through most of Saturday.

“Businesses have specials, I know there are local artisans, antique markets, book signings, there’s a lot going on downtown,” Trumble said.

Many of the events that are open to the public will be held at the Ward Building across from the Monongalia County Courthouse Plaza. The Social Services Kiosk will be open to anyone seeking information about their services, with holiday-themed appearances, activities and food throughout the afternoon.

“They’ll be there to greet Santa from 11am to 2pm, so be sure to bring your kids down for a photoshoot, they’ll be eating cookies, smores and cocoa bars between 11am and 4pm,” Trumble said .

Restaurants and other local business owners are planning to use the many items made in West Virginia to sell their various goods and services. Stores such as Hoot and Howl, owned by local owner Stephanie Swain, are also expected to roll out their own promotions and giveaways to drive traffic to their stores.

“It’s a great time downtown, we’ve got a lot of people coming out, we’ve got some specials and giveaways and treats,” Swain said. “It’s just a lot going on and it’s a really good time,” she said.

Small business Saturday is considered a major economic driver for local businesses. Even for better-known local businesses, shopping holidays can directly contribute up to 65 percent of revenue to the local economy. With the holiday shopping season wrapping up in December, shoppers are being told to keep an eye out for sales as Christmas approaches.

“They’re having a huge event, and you’re going to have a lot of opportunities to buy some really nice gifts for the holidays,” Swain said.

Parking in downtown Morgantown will be free until November 27th.

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