Justin Timberlake reflects on tWitch’s ‘heartbreaking’ death

Justin Timberlake Grieving the loss of a dear friend.

Pay tribute to the singer of “Cry a River for Me” Stephen “tWitch” owner, tragically died of suicide at the age of 40, E! The news was confirmed in December. 14.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear someone who brings so much joy to a room is hurt so much behind closed doors,” Justin wrote on twitter Dec. 14. “I’ve known Twitch for over 20 years through the dance community – he’s always lighting things up. You never know what someone’s really going through.”

In a second tweet, the “SexyBack” singer shared two photos of tWitch doing what he loves to do — dancing.The first photo is allen On a talk show, a DJ lifts a woman over her head.The second one is so do you think you can dance Alum and he balance on the tip of his toes.

“take care of yourself,” Justin added“Love the man in the mirror. The man who checked you. Sending light to his beautiful family in this dark, chaotic time. You will be missed sir. Rest in peace.”

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