Jimmy Kimmel: Trump’s NFT is a ‘literal card against humanity’

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On Thursday, former President Donald Trump made a big announcement he had promoted the day before: the release of digital NFT trading cards featuring Trump as superheroes, astronauts and several other fantasy characters, each priced at $99.

Jimmy Kimmel complained that they weren’t even real trading cards, but digital cards, “which is another way of saying nothing.”

“At least last time, you got a red hat. Now he won’t sell you anything! This is simply a card against humanity.” — Jimmy Kimmel

“If you saw it at 2am, you’d think, ‘Am I having an Ambien dream?'” — Jimmy Fallon

“Oh look at this – it’s like QAnon meets QVC, really.” — Jimmy Kimmel

“Even the most die-hard Trump supporter will say, ‘Well, now I’m worried.'” — Jimmy Fallon

“Even the MyPillow guys are saying, ‘I think Trump lost it.'” — Jimmy Fallon

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen join Stephen Colbert in “Rescue Dog Rescue” on Thursday’s “Late Late Show.”

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