Impressive display of Gamiotics technology at Edinburgh Fringe Festival makes waves overseas

New York, NY / Access / September 16, 2022 / During the sold-out period of The Twenty- Sided Tavern, audiences were buzzing, a D&D-like show that put viewers in control of their adventures using Gamiotics technology. With over 3,589 users over 25 shows, this breakthrough technology has moved far beyond proof-of-concept and into a new era of live performance audience agency.

Starburst Magazine explained: “The show uses… Gamiotics to allow viewers to interact with the show; you need to scan a QR code with your phone. The audience is divided into three separate groups, one for each player, and then you can Make choices for that player throughout the show. From what role they play to how they should respond to certain things. Viewers can also help their champion with a series of interactive polls and pop quizzes.

Gamiotics, the brainchild of founder and CEO David Carpenter, is a browser-based interface that allows any smartphone to access the platform. Audience members or event attendees have real-time access to information and access to technology and content from anywhere in the world. “We’ve been well-received by audiences and critics in Edinburgh, so we’re strategically developing the next generation of Gamiotics to activate interactivity in live shows and other applications,” Carpenter said.

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Purdue University recently announced that they are using Gamiotics’ cutting-edge technology to support closed captioning during on-campus performances, allowing deaf and hearing-impaired audiences to enjoy live performances using only their smartphones in the palm of their hands.

“With over 3,500 spectators performing at the Purdue Theater each season, we continue to meet the physical and emotional needs of our audiences. Gamiotics is a huge step forward in our approach to accessibility,” said Richard Dionne, chair of the Purdue Theater Department.

“We’re experimenting with different scenarios, including museums, churches, esports, live events and education, to best provide possible solutions through the connectivity that Gamiotics provides,” Carpenter said. “Our international reach is just beginning!”

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Launched in 2020 by founder and CEO David Carpenter, a multi-platform content development expert, Gamiotics is currently the only software solution in the live entertainment market that connects audiences and content through the power of unlimited technology. Gamiotics’ browser-based interface allows any smartphone to access the platform for a complete audience experience across multiple industry categories, events and shows. For more information, visit

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