How to use technology and ice to make money in Idaho this winter

Winter is upon us and officially begins on December 21, but Enchanted Valley is already seeing signs of it coming. We’ve seen snow several times this year, and while the ice isn’t terrible, some spots are a little slippery for a few mornings and a few nights. The inevitable is coming, and soon the ground will be white for days, weeks, possibly months at a time, and as smooth as an ice rink. While many people are dreading these times of the year, it can be a great opportunity to create some memories, laughter, and potentially money.

Video of people slipping and falling on ice

Whenever ice covers a road, sidewalk, or your driveway, it’s inevitable that someone will slip and end up “eating it.” It’s usually a lot of fun as long as no one gets hurt. Since many people have security cameras, smart doorbells, and even pull out their phones at the right time, these missteps and awkward moments can be caught on camera. While falling on your ass is embarrassing and can hurt your ego, getting it shot down and having to relive it is the worst thing you can do from an ego standpoint. While good friends or family will just make friends and family laugh, smart ones will share with the world and possibly make a little money this winter.

post embarrassing videos on youtube

Depending on how many videos you can capture and how popular they are, it’s possible to make some money if your videos go viral. If they’re not as successful as you’d hoped, there are other options like America’s Funniest Home Videos. While none of these guarantee you money, the opportunity is worth it. Even if you don’t do anything, you’ll get a good laugh from the person you’re eating it on ice, and you’ll be able to share the joy and laughter with the world. Make sure to check those doorbell cameras and security cameras after every storm this winter, or keep the camera on your phone rolling as you get in and out of your car and into buildings.

If there’s snow and ice this winter, make sure to capture as many fun moments as possible of people slipping and falling for you and others to enjoy. Hope no one is seriously hurt and hopefully you are not the one who ends up being filmed and posted on the internet. Be careful, watch your steps this winter and check those cameras often, you never know what you might catch.

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