How the 2023 Ford Super Duty pickup’s towing tech package could make life easier

Ford has been making trucks for so long, it’s almost impossible to imagine a future without them, especially in America. The all-new 2023 F-Series Super Duty pickup and chassis cab lineup was unveiled recently. The Super Duty line has been redesigned from the inside out, keeping in mind its ability to work.

But most importantly, it’s loaded with new technology and a host of cloud-based services. The Ford Super Duty was built for the builders who have always been the backbone of the American economy. So Ford put everything it knew into the development of these trucks with great enthusiasm, making them smarter, more tech-savvy and, of course, more powerful.

ford Saying the F-Series Super Duty brings in more revenue for the company than several Fortune 500 companies — it says something. It’s one of the most trusted offerings in the Ford stable, and we’ll see what makes its towing tech package even more appealing.

The Ford Super Duty line continues to lock down the horn with its arch-nemesis from Chevrolet and RAM. The trio battle each other in a heavy showdown!

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Here’s How Ford Super Duty’s Towing Technology Package Makes Life Easier

Most Ford pickup truck customers end up using their truck to tow something or something, so it only makes sense to focus on things that can make life with the truck and its towing capabilities that much easier. There are some very important upgrades that make the Super Duty truck even more attractive under the new towing technology package.

360 degree trailer view

Four cameras are mounted on the trailer to give you a 360-degree surround view, while one camera provides an optional view. Either way, the image is transmitted via the 7-pin trailer harness connector onto the CAN bus feed and reflected on the infotainment screen, with one view following the other.

Trailer Navigation

This feature could be your ultimate lifesaver if you’re driving into remote areas with a trailer. With the help of an improved map database, the F-Series Super Duty truck’s navigation system can set itself up, letting you choose a route, helping you determine if turns are too tight for your long trucks and trailers, and if your trailers are too High and it will make sure you avoid bridges that won’t let you pass.

Professional Trailer Hitch Assist

This feature allows the truck to effortlessly align its hitch (including the bumper or gooseneck) with the trailer’s pins. Before connecting the trailer for the first time, the system checks the trailer length and connection type with the driver.

After that, the driver must simply place the truck near the trailer and let it work its magic. Don’t start too close, or align randomly, as in this case the screen will most likely instruct you to move forward and then back up again. A new optional feature includes a camera and sensors that function when the tailgate is closed.

upper and lower tailgate

Who doesn’t want a remote-controlled tailgate that moves up and down by itself? ! This feature allows the driver to close the door, use the camera above to position the truck under the trailer gooseneck, and then close it again, all without stepping out of the truck. The door can get heavy if you opt for steps and extra sensors, but a proven system manages it effortlessly.

Smart Adaptive Cruise Control

The 2023 F-Series Super Duty trucks feature lane centering, automatic stop-and-go and automatic speed limit sign detection to adjust your set speed when exceeding legal limits or descending further. However, there is no Blue Cruise limited autonomous driving available, as F-150 owners prefer their hydraulic power steering assist rather than all-electric steering.

Tailgate down and reversing camera sensing

Ford placed four additional ultrasonic sensors and a camera on the tailgate. It activates when the gate is closed, allowing the driver to understand the truck’s surroundings while retaining a 360-degree camera view.

Both the cameras and sensors are compatible with Ford’s tailgate steps, which appear to be recessed a bit to protect them from payloads that could fall to the top of the tailgate. Anyone towing a gooseneck or five-wheel trailer will benefit from the system, as long as it’s in sync with another Super Duty feature: the power-up and drop-off tailgate as described above.

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Long Trailer Blind Spot Detection

A remote blind spot detection sensor can be mounted on the trailer and wired into the CAN bus connection of the 7-pin trailer harness, so the warning light on the mirror will come on when something is in the way, in the lane next to the trailer. For the sensor to function, the driver must turn on the running lights.

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