Ginni Thomas, other conservatives call on GOP to delay leadership election


Dozens of conservative leaders have called on GOP lawmakers to delay their leadership election until next month, with several frustrated Senate Republicans after a much-hyped “red wave” in the midterms didn’t materialize The demands of the party members echoed.

In an open letter to Republican members of Congress on Monday, 72 conservative leaders said “leadership elections should not be rushed,” noting that several congressional races remain to be called, with Georgia’s Senate race heading into the runoff stage.

“The Republican Party needs leaders who can confidently and deftly present a coherent and coherent vision of who we are, what we stand for and what we will do,” the letter said.

It continued: “Conservative members of the House and Senate have called for a delay in the leadership election. We strongly urge both chambers of Congress to postpone the formal leadership election until after the December 6 runoff in Georgia, where all election results are in full force. Sure.”

Signatories include Virginia “Ginnie” Thomas, a lawyer and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; Matt Schlapp, chairman of the Conservative Political Action Coalition; Mark Meadows ( Mark Meadows is Trump’s White House chief of staff. Axios first reported the letter.

House Republicans are scheduled to hold leadership elections on Tuesday, while Senate Republicans are scheduled to vote on leadership on Wednesday. Republican leaders in both chambers opposed calls to delay the vote. Several members of the House Freedom Caucus, staunch supporters of former President Donald Trump, have said they would not support House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (D-Calif.).

Still, McCarthy launched his speaker campaign last week with a letter to his Republican colleagues, in which he said he felt “confident” that the GOP would achieve its goal of taking back control of the House.

“I’m sure you know, winning the majority is just the beginning,” McCarthy wrote. “Now we’ll be measured by what we do with the majority. Now the real work begins. That’s why I’m running for Speaker of the People’s Assembly. And humbly ask for your support.”

In the Senate, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) also faced criticism and calls for a delayed leadership vote.

“We should not have a Senate Republican leadership vote until we have a clear explanation of why our 2022 campaign efforts have failed and until we have a clear picture of the political and policy direction the Republican Senate is moving forward,” the senator said. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) wrote on twitter, joining several other Republicans, including Sens. Rick Scott (Florida), Josh Hawley (Missouri), Mike Lee (Utah), Cynthia M. Lummis (Wyoming), and Lindsey O. Graham (South Carolina), pushing for vote delay until December. Senators 6 runoff between. Raphael G. Warnock (D) and Republican Herschel Walker.

senator. Senate Republican Conference Chairman John Barrasso (Wyoming) said the election will be held on Wednesday.

Democratic lawmakers remained confident in November. 13 After their party won control of the Senate, although control of the House of Representatives remains unknown. (Video: The Washington Post)

House Democrats will begin their leadership election on November 11. 30. In an interview on Sunday’s political talk show, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) declined to say whether she would run for speaker again if Democrats retained control of the House — a possibility very small.

Control of the House of Representatives remained balanced on Monday, with neither party yet to secure the 218 seats needed to secure a majority. Most uncalled congressional races are in California, where ballots are valid as long as they are postmarked before Election Day, and final election tally can take weeks to be determined.

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