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Lisa Marie Presley, The singer, whose bluesy voice spanned three albums and was the only son of Elvis Presley, died Thursday at the age of 54.

“It is with a heavy heart that I must share the devastating news that my beautiful daughter, Lisa Marie, has left us,” her mother Priscilla Presley reportedly said in a statement. Associated Press“She’s the most passionate, strong, loving woman I’ve ever known.”

Her announcement came just hours after her mother confirmed she had been taken to a local hospital early Thursday. Pressley suffered a cardiac arrest at the Calabasas home of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.confirmed to rolling stoneThe event came just days after Presley attended the Golden Globes with her mother, Priscilla, where Austin Butler, who played Elvis in a biopic about the musician, won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Feature Film. “Lisa Marie, Priscilla, I love you forever,” Butler said in his acceptance speech.

Born February 1, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee Nine months after Elvis and Priscilla were married, Lisa Marie grew up in the area until she was four years old, and after her parents divorced in 1973 Mother moved to Los Angeles. One of the most famous artists in history, Presley has carved out a musical career of his own. She released three albums: 2003’s to whom It May ConcernSold over 500,000 units in the U.S. in 2005 Gold certified so whatand the 2012 storm and graceThroughout her oeuvre, she pays homage to a man whose style and tone will forever echo across the American soundscape.

On her last album, storm and grace, the original country, folk and blues collection embraced her Southern roots and surname.The year it was released, she was with rolling stone About finding your roots as you grow older. “I always felt a little bit like I needed to fight and kick, and I didn’t know why. But when I tried to do anything else in the past, all I ended up doing was tripping over my own feet,” she told rolling stone“It was always against myself, hurting myself, even though I thought I was fighting someone else. I had to go through those phases, and I did. So, yeah, I don’t do that anymore.”

In 1988, she married musician Danny Keough. The couple separated after six years and had two children, including actresses Riley Keough and Benjamin Keough, who died by suicide in 2020, aged 27. people In August 2022, she publicly stated that she felt “devastated” after the death of her son Benjamin. “My three daughters and I’s lives as we knew them were completely ignited and destroyed by his death. We live here every. single. day,” she wrote.

She was married to Michael Jackson from 1994 to 1996. They are often billed as the daughters of the King of Rock and Roll, who in turn married the King of Pop, a relationship that has garnered tabloid and media scrutiny. Two years after her marriage to Jackson ended, Lisa Marie married actor Nicolas Cage in a ceremony in Hawaii on the 25th anniversary of Elvis’ death. Less than four months after their marriage, the two announced their separation.

She is married to Michael Lockwood from her fourth marriage, with whom she has twin daughters, Finley and Harper Lockwood. They will divorce in 2021.

Her father’s vast legacy has always been an integral part of her life.In a 2003 interview rolling stone After the release of her first album, to whom It May Concern, Presley remembers hiding out as a child, listening to music or singing to himself in front of the mirror. “My dad will catch me,” she said. “I’m sure he had fun with it. He’d put me on the coffee table in front of everyone and make me sing.”

In 2018, she sang a reinterpreted duet with her father on the title track of his posthumous gospel compilation, where no one stands alone“Singing with my father was a very powerful and moving experience,” Lisa Marie wrote in the album’s notes. “The lyrics spoke to me and touched my soul. I’m sure the lyrics spoke to my father in the same way.”


Although Lisa Marie grew up on the West Coast, she regularly visited Graceland to visit Elvis. Her first single, “Lights Out,” reflects those memories: “I cry every time I leave you, and then I don’t want to see you. . . . I still keep my watch two hours behind.” A habit in her daily life, Lisa Marie kept her watch on time in Tennessee for many years after her father’s death.

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