DOE requests information on ways to accelerate innovation in emerging technologies

The DOE Office of Science is seeking industry input on a new program to develop new ways to accelerate innovation in artificial intelligence, autonomy, advanced manufacturing and other emerging technologies to support the development of clean energy.

A notice published Tuesday in the Federal Register said the Department of Energy wants to assemble interdisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers from national laboratories, industry and academia to help translate early-stage research into market-deployable technologies .

The research program will focus on key areas of DOE interest, including artificial intelligence, advanced nuclear technology, advanced manufacturing, data storage and cybersecurity, and quantum information science.

DOE aims to bridge the gap between technology research and commercialization stages, advancing ideas along the innovation continuum.

“Bridging these gaps requires a holistic, ‘end-to-end’ approach that closely integrates basic science and engineering research across multiple disciplines with applied and industrial activities to ensure that innovations reach the market,” the information request states.

Responses are due in December. twenty three.

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