DC Area Forecast: Showers today, gusty evening storm possible

Subjective assessment of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

4/10: Morning showers are lightly clapping; afternoon storms can cause a stir.

  • today: There are scattered showers and a possible storm in the afternoon. Highs: 66-70
  • tonight: Showers tapered off after overnight clearing. Lows: 46-50
  • tomorrow: Partly sunny and breezy. Highs: 65-69

Today is a wet day with showers. In the evening, we need to keep an eye out for possible gusty storms. After that, sailing on a clear fall weekend is evident, and the next showers aren’t expected until late Sunday, so there’s no reason why these outdoor chores shouldn’t continue.

Today is thursday): The showers are scattered this morning, so get your umbrella ready. A string of storms along the cold front is likely to produce heavy rain and locally strong gusts in the evening. Much of the region should see at least half an inch of rain, with some one inch possible. The highs are mostly in the 60s. The southerly wind was gusty all day.Confidence: Medium to high

tonight: Showers are likely to continue into the evening before gradually clearing after midnight. Winds are blowing from the northwest, with lows down to the mid-to-upper 40s.Confidence: Medium to high

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Tomorrow (Friday): Primarily clear skies help ward off cooler incoming air, and highs should still manage to reach the 60s. Westerly winds are mild.Confidence: High

Tomorrow evening: The sky is clear, and the rising moon and Mars can be seen in the evening. The weather is calm, and in cooler suburbs, the lows can drop into the 40s or even the 30s.Confidence: High

Saturday It was sunny to begin with, with clouds spreading over the area later in the day. The wind is light, and the highs should reach the lows of the 70s. Overnight lows were only down to the mid-to-mid 50s with scattered clouds.Confidence: Medium to high

cloud increase Sunday But the showers are likely to continue into the evening, and even then, they should be light and scattered. As long as the showers stop, the highs will reach the lows of the 70s. The low mid-50s is where the readings bottomed out overnight.Confidence: Moderate

on Monday Still fairly cloudy with a chance of light showers as a fairly strong cold front approaches. Temperatures peaked only in the mid-1960s.Confidence: Moderate

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