Dangerously cold, snowstorms before Christmas

NEXT weather alert factors:

  • 4-8 inches of fluffy snow Wednesday
  • Blizzard conditions for Thursday
  • Dangerously cold winds persist through Saturday

Minneapolis—— As many prepare to travel to see family over the holidays, the National Weather Service warned that potentially dangerous winter weather could make travel “impossible and life-threatening” starting Thursday.

The Twin Cities and much of Wisconsin were under a winter storm warning by noon Saturday, while northern Minnesota was under a winter weather warning.

But the biggest concern is a blizzard warning for southwestern Minnesota that will be in effect for most of Thursday and Friday.

tomorrow: Snow emergencies, school closures and delays

The storm system will bring some light snow during the Wednesday morning commute and heavy snow throughout the day before starting to taper off in the evening.

The snow should reach the subway station around 9am, and it will still be heavy during the evening commute. The system will finally exit Minnesota early Thursday morning.

The most snowfall will cover the entire southern half of the state and the metro, with 4-8 inches expected. Northern Minnesota may see 2-3 inches.

Don’t pay too much attention to the snow total: it will be a light powder that’s easy to shovel. Thursday morning would be an ideal time to start clearing sidewalks and driveways.

Thursday morning is also the best time to travel, when winds of 20-40 mph are expected to blow from the northwest.

It’s hard to see anything in white cloud conditions, especially Thursday night. That’s when strong winds will combine with cold air – with temperatures inside the subway set to reach minus 30 degrees from Thursday night to Saturday.

Snow will continue to blow on Friday. Strong winds are now combining with cold air to create a dangerous wind chill. Expect a feel factor at 30 to 45 degrees below zero.

Things will start to settle down as we get closer to Christmas and we’ll even be warming up next week.

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