Computer Technology Career Pathways – Study & Work in Utah

student studying on computerThe Computer Technology Career Pathway is designed to jump-start your technology career in Utah by earning stackable micro-credentials and making industry connections along the way. To start your computer technology career, Choose from the following two entry points.

Computer Technology Workplace Ready

Start your career readiness journey by participating in Workplace Ready T-bird 10 Professional Skills Podcast. This podcast brings Utah’s all-star professionals to the table and helps you develop the tools and confidence to succeed in the workplace. Each episode focuses on professional skills and techniques to help you gain a competitive edge in your career.

Fundamental skills short courses include ech support, p programming, and c cyber security.

By completing T-bird 10 Pro skills courses and foundation skills courses, you will earn digital badges that can be uploaded to social media and added to your resume. Workplace Ready and Foundational Skills are self-paced and must be completed by June 30, 2023.

Amazon Web Services Academy Cloud Fundamentals Certificate

This certificate program provides advanced training and practical skills in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Course modules explore fundamental concepts of cloud computing, economics and billing associated with AWS, global infrastructure components of AWS, security and compliance, networking capabilities, computing alternatives, storage options, database options, cloud architecture design principles , scalability, monitoring and certification guidance.

Learning resources include lecture videos, online multiple-choice knowledge checks, lecture materials, lab exercises, and instructor-led tutorials and presentations. You will complete assigned study modules independently, with the opportunity to interact with fellow students in online forums and with the course lecturer on a weekly basis to reinforce the key learning objectives for the week.

Course content includes pre-recorded videos, lab exercises, and optional slides used in recorded videos. You can continue the course at an independent pace or follow a course schedule.

Choose from the following start dates: 17 February 2023 27 February 2023 or 1 May 2023.

By completing the AWS Academy Cloud Foundations certificate, you will earn a frameable institutional certificate and three continuing education units. After completing the AWS Academy Certificate in Cloud Fundamentals, you’ll be invited to be paired with an industry mentor and attend an upcoming technical session.

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