Cloverly Partners with Visa to Implement Scalable Climate Action Technology for Financial Institutions

Atlanta, November 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cloverly, a leading climate action platform, has joined Visa’s Fintech Partner Connect program to provide carbon credits to financial services companies. Through the program, Cloverly will partner with banks, financial services and fintech companies that want to help their customers drive climate action by contributing to high-quality carbon credits.

Cloverly is an API-first high-quality carbon credit platform, the infrastructure for any product that has a positive climate impact. It provides a scalable solution that enables businesses and consumers to take direct action on climate change by providing a technology-enabled way to direct funds to climate projects with real impact. So, for example, Visa customers can build a climate-friendly rewards program, create an eco-card product, or let any cardholder use Cloverly to effortlessly contribute to the environment.

Today, companies that want to incorporate climate action into their products can face multiple challenges, including participation in a highly fragmented and inefficient carbon market, a lack of quality standards and transparency, and complex software to manage it. Cloverly’s technology simplifies the process and enables seamless access to verified, high-quality carbon credits. Cloverly reviews thousands of climate action projects around the world using a proprietary quality assessment methodology to create a diverse global portfolio of high-impact carbon projects. Cloverly works with registries such as Gold Standard,, Plan Vivo, Verra, and third-party rating providers such as BeZero and Sylvera to build structured assessments of the quality of carbon credits accessible through an API. The solution was developed to more easily bring sustainability into the customer experience.

“We are excited to partner with such an exciting fintech company like Cloverly to drive climate awareness and action through innovative solutions,” said Vanessa Colella, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Visa Innovation and Digital Partnerships. “By joining Visa’s Fintech Partner Connect program, our clients will be able to leverage Cloverly’s capabilities to help their consumers achieve sustainable growth.”

Jason LubartonCloverly CEO said: “Our partnership with Visa is a testament to the critical role that channeling our money through banks and credit cards can play in mitigating climate change. We are very excited to bring climate action into the mainstream and look forward to driving innovative financial institutions.”

Founded in 2019 with a mission to empower everyone to participate in climate action, Cloverly is now used by more than 200 businesses around the world in financial services, technology, supply chain, ESG and e-commerce, including several large financial institutions. Now, through Visa’s Fintech Partner Connect program, Cloverly can help expand the role of financial institutions in raising consumer and business awareness and inspiring behavior change.

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Cloverly is a platform for climate action and a leading marketplace for technology-based carbon credits. It enables businesses to take climate action and easily obtain carbon removal and high-quality carbon offsets for themselves or their customers. This helps build customer awareness while helping to mitigate climate change.

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