Chrysler’s CES concept reimagines the car as an autonomous AI assistant

following last year’s Airflow concept carChrysler and its parent company, Stellantis, unveiled their vision for the interior of a future autonomous electric vehicle at CES 2023, including the Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit concept car.

The demonstrator is essentially a carriage, with no vehicles around it, and a pair of seats floating inside the cockpit, which is made from recycled post-industrial and marine plastics and a textile-infused walnut floor – both sustainable materials Materials—perhaps even more noteworthy for Chrysler—absolutely zero chrome.The purpose of the integrated cockpit is to showcase the three pillars Future car technology from Stellantis — STLA Brain, STLA Smart Cockpit and STLA AutoDrive — and how they combine to create what Chrysler and Stellantis call “harmony in motion.”

Chrysler's CES concept envisions cars as autonomous AI assistants

A 37.2-inch panel of sculpted glass houses a massive two-tiered display.

Chrysler, Stellantis

The STLA Brain provides the electrical architecture that powers the infotainment system and may be connected to the rest of the EV that will eventually be built around the cabin. Meanwhile, the STLA Smart Cockpit infotainment system is the user interface, wrapping the front passengers with a double-layer 37.2-inch sculpted black glass panel and screen. The Smart Cockpit technology is infused with AI and is said to learn a driver’s habits over time and adapt to predictive changes and enhancements.

Chrysler showed a day in the life of a driver equipped with a Synthesis Cockpit vehicle, starting with an AI assistant welcoming them into the vehicle and presenting a map of travel plans based on AI-learned preferences and user-provided data. Biometric data will be used to authenticate and differentiate drivers of shared vehicles. At the end of the day, technicians can also initiate a smart home “wake up” routine when they get home.

Chrysler Sythesis Concept Dashboard

The concept uses sustainable and recycled materials and is absolutely chrome-free.

Chrysler, Stellantis

The Synthesis Cockpit has been designed with STLA autonomous driving technology and Level 3 autonomous driving in mind. (You may have noticed the complete absence of a steering wheel.) Chrysler and Stellantis believe that giving drivers the ability to reliably take their hands off the wheel and eyes off the road is the key to opening up the dashboard to accommodate all these “new and innovative features.” “, and these features will continue to evolve within the vehicle through over-the-air updates. Getting the autonomy right will allow drivers to multitask, make conference calls, or engage in other productivity-based activities. However, it also includes Chill, Zen and Fun modes, allowing passengers to unwind with features such as meditation, karaoke and games while the vehicle is stationary or operating autonomously.

Chrysler will be the first Stellantis brand in North America to adopt the new STLA technology, a plan that kicks off with its goal of launching its first battery electric vehicle in 2025 and transitioning to electric vehicles. Complete EV lineup by 2028.

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