Chiefs vs. Raiders score, takeaway: Travis Kelcher breaks out as Kansas City beats Las Vegas in primetime shootout

Fireworks were set off Monday night at Arrowhead Stadium, literally and figuratively. Chiefs and Raiders meet for first time of 2022 season with nearly 750 yards combined, Patrick Mahomes throws to Travis Kelcher, Derek Carr feeds Davante Adams. Despite a hot start in Las Vegas, with 17 unanswered points in the game, Kansas City remains at the top. Kelce paved the way with ‘Monday Night Football’ record – record four touchdown receptions for 30-29 victory to keep Chiefs 4-1 in AFC top of the Western Conference standings, while dropping Josh McDaniels’ team’s yearly record to 1-4.

After the Raiders lost their lead, Carr went all out for a late comeback, hitting Adams with a deep TD in the fourth quarter to pull it back by one. But McDaniels opted for two instead at 30. The Chiefs’ defense remained solid, stuffing an otherwise productive Josh Jacobs on the goal line. Meanwhile, Mahomes made money targeting Kelce, who also set a franchise record for TD catches by tight end.

why the Chiefs won

Here are the two halves of Monday night’s story. The Raiders had the advantage in the first half, but even trailing by 17 points could never rule the Chiefs out. Kansas City’s ability to hold on even when losing is one of their greatest strengths.

The Chiefs played well when they were behind, took the pressure and benefited from it, rather than collapsed under pressure. Kansas City stayed calm while trailing, while the Raiders were desperate and made questionable decisions, but more in the next category.

Kansas City’s third decline in efficiency in the second quarter was a major difference compared to the first, with the third and third combined.

Another reason the Chiefs won was their mr. Reliable offense, tight end Travis Kelce, Four (yes, four) touchdowns that night. If you want to give yourself a good chance to win, you can’t get Kelce into the end zone four times.

Why the Raiders Lost

The Raiders let the Chiefs Offense do what the Chiefs Offense does best: exploit the opposing defense. They had them in the first half, but it took all 60 minutes to play Kansas City. The Raiders’ offense slowed defensively in the second half, and they didn’t respond to quarterback Patrick Mahomes and company.

Everyone knew Kelcher was the Chiefs’ first-choice player, but the Raiders had him score four times.

The Raiders also beat themselves several times.

The Chiefs’ missed shot turned into a Kelce touchdown thanks to a costly possession penalty against the Raiders during a shot attempt. The Raiders stopped the Chiefs in the red zone, which was hard for the team to do, but their own error eliminated that.

With less than five minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Raiders decided they would “win the game,” as Herm Edwards put it, rather than tie the game toward the end. Trailing 30-29, they had two points instead of a (nearly) guaranteed point from the extras. The two-point attempt failed, so they fell behind.

Their defense stepped up, but the offense couldn’t get to the shot, turning it around and the Chiefs left the winning formation to end the game. If the Raiders had scored the extra points instead of adding two points, the game would have been tied and gone into overtime over time.

Overall, the Raiders didn’t have the stamina to keep up with the Chief. Combine that with their own damage and they’re all but doomed to lose the game.

turning point

Which Kelce touchdown should we choose? The first is from No. 87. In the second quarter, make a statement to the Raiders and the crowd to never leave the Chiefs out and never get too comfortable with the lead.

The second Kelce TD, a 4-yard catch in the third quarter, was really when the game started to flip, and anyone watching Chiefs football could probably predict that KC would eventually turn it around and win. The touchdown gave the Chiefs their first lead and momentum of the game. Once they get that rhythm on offense, the Chiefs usually finish and end up winning the game, which is exactly what happened here.


Kelce’s fourth touchdown was not only electric, it was a record. Kelce is now the Monday Night Football leader with the most touchdowns by a player in a game. After the touchdown, the already loud crowd exploded, and Mahomes raised four fingers in celebration. Four of Kelcher’s touchdowns were less than 10 yards, the first in NFL history, Every CBS Sports Research Team.

Quote of the night:

After four touchdowns, Kelce took time in the postgame interview to wish his mother a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday to my mom, it’s my mom’s birthday. Happy birthday mom! All the touchdowns are for you.”

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes delivered important information about his teammates in Kelce’s postgame interview. Hug Kelche, with a smile on his face, Mahomes said, “I love this guy here, baby, this is my dog.”

what’s next

The Kansas City Chiefs will face arguably their toughest opponent when they host the Buffalo Bills next week. Quarterback Josh Allen played at an elite level and continues to be a favorite for the league’s MVP award. The Bills outscored the Pittsburgh Steelers 38-3, and Allen racked up an incredible 424 yards on four of those touchdowns, and he didn’t even play the entire game.

The Raiders will get some rest after Monday night’s game, but after their bye week, they will face the Houston Texans on Oct. 10. 23. Entering Week 6, the Texans (1-3-1) were one of the worst teams in the league.

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