Channel99 Introduces New Marketing Technology for B2B Marketers

Channel99 today announced the launch of a new marketing technology for B2B marketers to identify vendors and channels that can effectively drive high-quality website traffic from accounts within a company’s Total Addressable Market (TAM) . By integrating supplier spend data to measure the effectiveness of marketing investments, Channel99’s solutions enable businesses to level the playing field and understand which suppliers and channels are predictably impacting the business outcomes that matter most to B2B marketers, such as positively impacting pipeline and reducing customer acquisition cost.

Channel99 was founded by an award-winning three-time software entrepreneur Chris Gorek, who pioneered the Account Based Marketing (ABM) technology category while leading Demandbase.Along with the release, the company also announced the receipt of $5 million by San FranciscoHeadquartered in Jackson Square Ventures (JSV), with participation from Norwest Ventures, Bloomberg Beta and GTMfund.

“Many people don’t realize that over 90 percent of the activity that drives to a B2B website has little value in terms of driving new business,” Golec said. “With hundreds of suppliers and channels investing, the industry desperately needs a single source of truth to continuously measure the effectiveness of their efforts. That’s exactly what Channel99 provides – transparently pinpointing what’s working and what’s not. “

Free mobile app provides instant insight into channel performance
The offering from Channel99 includes a free mobile app that enables marketers to compare the performance of their digital channels against industry averages. Nearly 100 clients of all sizes across industries – including F500 enterprises and middle market companies in technology, manufacturing, retail and financial services – are already using Channel99’s mobile app to gather information on which suppliers and Insights on key accounts driving high-quality traffic.

“Channel99 has given my team a clear picture of which marketing efforts are actually driving quality traffic and ultimately the business outcomes we’re looking for,” says Nick Panay, Chief Marketing Officer of Amelia. “No more guessing games; Channel99’s data and peer benchmarks make it easy to decide where to spend your budget and cut it.”

Reinvest in technology and talent
JSV is known for investing in early-stage SaaS and marketplace startups with bold industry transformation plans, including B2B software leaders such as DocuSign, Upwork and Seismic.

JSV is also bullish on reinvesting in entrepreneurs with market-shaping capabilities. Golec founded Demandbase in 2007 and created ABM, of which JSV is the largest shareholder. Demandbase is widely recognized as the industry’s leading provider of ABM, which has grown into a staple of any B2B marketing strategy.

“Our decision to invest in a company is not based solely on product offering; we have to have strong belief in the team,” he said bob spinner, founding partner of Jackson Square Ventures and lead investor in Channel99. “We believe Channel99 is uniquely positioned to lead the next wave of B2B marketing as we have seen firsthand how Chris can build, manage, scale and lead a company as a category owner. We are proud to invest in him again.”

Early next year, Channel99 will release its full platform. This enterprise solution combines supplier spend and customer relationship management (CRM) data with insights to maximize channels, eliminate budget waste, and increase transparency into supplier and channel performance.

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