Celonis Presents New Perspectives on Business Execution at Celosphere 2022 on November 9

New York and Munich, October 13th of March 2022 /PRNewswire/—— ThelonisThe global leader in executive management, today announced that the world’s top process mining and executive management experts will come together Celosphere 2022 at Munich Germany superior November 9-10.

The two-day Celosphere experience was designed from the ground up to create a uniquely curated experience and mobilize the planet’s top process professionals using state-of-the-art process and business execution techniques.

Attendees will gain the learning, training and certification needed to use process mining to help change the way the world works. They will also be the first to train, certify, and deploy Celonis’ next-generation process mining and execution management products, which will be featured at this unique gathering with an exclusive certificate available only at Celosphere 2022.

“There has never been a more important time in the history of enterprise business to unite around the processes that run the world,” said Alex Link, Celonis co-CEO and co-founder. “By modernizing the way we all discover, fix and optimize our processes – we can fight inflation, supply chains, food waste and the damage carbon is doing to our planet – literally one process at a time.”

Early Access to Celosphere Experience

Member of the Lufthansa Group Executive Board, Fleet and Technology – Dr. Detlef Kaiser: The experience will feature a keynote speech and a meeting with Lufthansa Group Executive Board Member Dr. Detlef Kaiser, he is responsible for the Lufthansa Group’s operational processes and standards, commercial and technical fleet management, as well as IT and procurement. PhD. Kayser will share his insights and advice on how advanced process and business execution technologies are the pillars of Lufthansa’s strategy 16 billion euros (2021) Business – Flagship Air Transport Carrier Germany and Europe.

Mars VP of Intelligence, Automation and Emerging Technologies – Adeel Fudda: Adeel Fudda is a digital transformation leader and innovator, driving value creation through global process automation, governance, supplier management and emerging technologies. His expertise covers Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Virtual Agents with NLP and Machine Learning, OCR tools and Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) systems.In his keynote speech, Mr. Fudda wanted to share how Mars Process mining has been incorporated as part of the regular business of the organization – enabling the entire Mars enterprise to harness the power of process mining to improve business execution.

Chief Operating Officer of Allianz Partners – lasrog: gentlemen. Rogge will also take the stage and moderate a breakout session to discuss the power of Allianz Partners’ process and executive management technology. Allianz Partners is the global leader in B2B2C insurance and assistance under the Allianz Group, providing global solutions covering international health and life, travel insurance, international mobility and assistance. gentlemen. Rogge is responsible for the digital transformation of Allianz Partners’ areas of operation, handling approximately 65 million assistance cases, 63 million calls and organizing 8,500 medical repatriations in 2021 – doing business in 75 countries and serving our clients in 70 languages Provide services.

ERGO Chief Digital Officer – Mark Kline: gentlemen. Klein will headline a fireside chat, sharing his insights into the value of process mining and digital execution at ERGO, one of the major US insurance groups Germany and Europe. gentlemen. Klein is known for his industry thought leadership on how to inspire people and cultures to digitize processes to create resilient and enduring organizations. In 2021, the total premiums earned by ERGO are 19 billion euros. The group has representative offices in approximately 30 countries around the world, providing a comprehensive range of insurance, pensions, investments and services.

Head of Process Mining at Bayer AG CoE – Timo Peters: gentlemen. Peters, as acting CeloCoE Champion EMEA, will share his top 10 CoE tips. Timo established the Nokia CoE before joining Bayer and focusing on accelerating the Bayer CoE. With his background in operations, he will cover the top ten levers such as the importance of executive sponsors, and talk about practical experience, best practices, and share very specific operational tips from many other companies he has talked to. This session highlights the importance of CoEs as accelerators for transformation centers and will provide audiences with ideas for their own deployment.

Anna Rosling Rönnlund, founder of the Gapminder Foundation: Participants can come face-to-face with the woman known for challenging groups of people Davos Leaders understand how they see the world and then present them with eye-opening data to prove their misconceptions. Anna is the founder of the Gapminder Foundation, an NGO focused on fact-based worldviews, and co-author of the best-selling book Facts, where she breaks down the vast misconceptions that shape our worldview and shows what the world really looks like , in a way that everyone can understand.

bellwether industry leader: The two-day experience will also include main stage and immersion presentations from top industry leaders such as Aldinand, BMW Group, BSH Group, Dell Technologies, DHL Supply Chain, EQUANS, Ingka Group (IKEA retailer), MANN+HUMMEL Group, Merck & Co., MOL Group, Skoda Auto, Stall Laenso There are a lot more.

special performance: Will van der Alster, Distinguished Professors – and The Godfather of Process Mining – and Mark Claymansgartner VPs and analysts specializing in process mining will discuss the future of process optimization and business execution. R “Ray” Wang, Constellation Group The CEO will host an immersive session to discuss today’s biggest challenges around shortages, inflation and recessions, and how process mining can help address them. Harpret MacanPractice Director Everest Group, Will host a session on Process Mining Innovation, focusing on the Process Mining PEAK Matrix® report and her predictions for the industry. Retika Fleming devout high frequency research Will focus on implementing best practices and customer success stories, while Maureen Fleming devout International Data Center Will be participating in the Women’s Panel in Process Mining.

The reinvention of process mining: Celonis’ journey started from humble beginnings a decade ago, when the three co-founders pioneered the commercialization of solutions for finding and fixing process problems hidden in ERP, SCM and CRM systems. At Celosphere 2022 – Celonis will unveil the first in its next-generation process mining and business execution product line. These new products will introduce new dimensions of business data, intelligence and action to all Celonis products. Celosphere guests will receive first-hand training and certification so they can immediately deploy the new product in their business.

Exclusive Celonis Certificate: Celosphere guests will be able to earn new “Celonis Champion” and “Celonis Builder” certificates. After learning the latest Celonis capabilities at Celosphere and validating their expertise through the Celonis Academy, attendees will leave as one of the few to receive this badge of honor.

Business Execution Ecosystem: Celosphere will be co-hosted and sponsored by the world’s leading GSIs, including Accenture, IBM Consulting, McKinsey, ServiceNow and more.

Optimize top, bottom and green lines through process

Celosphere is the annual gathering place for the world’s top process mining and execution management experts. A common goal of Celosphere is to unite the world’s top companies to find, repair and modernize their core processes. This creates an unstoppable flywheel of top-line, bottom-line, and green-line value.

In 2021, more than 10,000 people watched the online broadcast of Celosphere, which was headlined by Julie SweetCEO of Accenture; Bob Moritzthe Chief Executive Officer or PricewaterhouseCoopers; Mark FosterChairman of IBM Consulting; Trevor Noahand Megan Rapinoe.

Register here for Celosphere 2022 exist Munich Germany.

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Celonis uncovers and fixes inefficiencies that businesses don’t see, enabling them to perform at unprecedented levels. With its market-leading process mining core, Celonis Execution Management System provides executives and users with a complete set of platform capabilities to eliminate billions of corporate inefficiencies, deliver better customer experiences and reduce carbon emissions. Celonis has thousands of implementations with customers worldwide and is headquartered in Munich Germany and New York City, U.S. There are more than 20 offices around the world.

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