Catawba College Hosts Technology Discovery Day for Rowan-Salisbury School Teachers

SALISBURY, N.C. (WBTV) – About 30 instructional technology facilitators from the Salisbury School in Rowan (RSS) visited Alcorn at Catawba College on October 11-12 Digital Learning Lab, participated in a day of exploration.

“Our learning at the Greg and Missie Alcorn Digital Learning Lab was informative and inspiring,” said Greg Keys, RSS Instructional Technology Coordinator. “Our staff came out of the tour with tons of new ideas, brought back to their schools, and helped advance STEM and digital literacy within Rowan-Salisbury Schools. By Amanda Bosch, Zach Trivett, and Jeff Bostian ‘s work is critical to the growth of our community and to improving the lives of everyone in Rowan County.”

Teachers explored augmented/virtual reality and other digital tools, collaborated with peers on lesson plans, and brainstormed on how to embed digital literacy into content and curriculum in their respective schools. Catawba staff includes Amanda Bosch, director of digital pedagogy and scholarship, Zach Trivett, library instructional technologist, and Jeff Bostian, learning technology systems specialist.

Bosch said: “We hope this visit will provide an opportunity for these talented educators to brainstorm ideas, leverage the technology available in their schools, and learn from resources provided by Catawba College’s Greg and Missie Alcorn Digital Learning Lab. Get inspired.”

Catawba’s partnership with the Rowan-Salisbury school system has been years in the making.Salisbury High School students visit the Alcorn Digital Learning Lab to enhance the learning experience in the spring

Provide in-depth experience of VR technology and other cutting-edge technologies.

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