Business leaders meet in Lynchburg to discuss Cyber ​​Awareness Month

Lynchburg, Va. (WDBJ) – Innovation Lynchburg held a meeting Monday at Central Virginia Community College to discuss cybersecurity awareness. Experts say the number one issue businesses should be aware of is fraudulent emails.

“One of the most important things right now is the ransom, and clicking on a link in an email can be very dangerous. Especially in an industry where there is a lot of protected information. Healthcare is one of the targets right now,” VP of Compliance Consulting Services at Clearwater Cathie Brown says

According to an article in Cybercrime Magazine, ransomware is expected to cost victims more than $200 billion annually by 2031. That’s a staggering figure compared to the $20 billion reported in 2021.

Genworth’s IS security manager Jeanette Hatch said businesses and consumers should change their passwords regularly.

Hatch states “You shouldn’t reuse passwords, you should absolutely change them regularly. Even every 30 days, depending on the type of information you use for email.”

Another solution is to check the domain for accuracy and thought before clicking.

Hatch states “If you see a typo, the error looks at the domain. If something doesn’t look right, you shouldn’t click on it.”

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