Banking CIOs and leaders gather in Muscat for tech summit

Leaders of Middle Eastern banking are scheduled to meet tomorrow in Muscat, which will take center stage at the Next Generation Banking and Technology Summit in 2022.

Organized by Cedar Consulting and IBS Intelligence, the summit will provide attendees with insights into the latest trends and developments in the banking technology ecosystem.

The event caters to the rapid changes in the current landscape, with new technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, open finance, advanced analytics, robotic process automation, as well as natural language processing and microservices architecture changing the way banks operate, leverage and manage. Manage their IT.

Banking CIOs and leaders gather in Muscat for tech summit

“The digitization of banks has become more of a necessity than a preference,” explained Chetan Parekh, a partner in Cedar Management Consulting’s Dubai office and head of the firm’s fintech practice.

“The reasons for adopting digitization are manifold – improving banking efficiency, attracting and retaining new customers, improving analytics, launching innovative services and enhancing product customization.”

But as banks advance their digital banking roadmaps, they run into various pitfalls, and digital transformation in banking is notorious for its challenges. According to a recent Boston Consulting Group estimate, only one-third of digital-focused projects end up achieving the benefits envisioned before launch.

That’s where the two summits come in, Parekh said: “We’ll help leaders explore the latest developments in banking technology so they can return to business with valuable experience and insights.”

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Held at the Grand Hyatt Muscat, the one-day event will feature an impressive line-up of speakers. Nearly half of the attendees were at CEO or CxO level, and the other half worked in (senior) management.

Sponsors for the event include systems integrators Expleo, Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services, as well as software vendors Temenos, NDC Tech and Oracle.

Organizers Cedar Management Consulting and IBS Intelligence are well-known names in financial services. Cedar Management Consulting is one of the industry’s leading consultancies, while IBS Intelligence is a research organization focused on the banking technology and fintech sectors.

Earlier this month, the duo hosted the Digital Banking and Payments Summit in Dubai, and in the U.K., the duo hosted the NextGen Core Banking Summit 2022 in London.

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