Aspen Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: AZPN ) short interest rose 9.6%.

The number of short positions in Aspen Technology, Inc. increased significantly. (NASDAQ: AZPN) in November. As of the previous day, a total of 908,600 shares were available for short selling, but as of November 30, a total of 995,400 shares were available for short selling, an increase of 9.6% from the previous day. Based on an average daily volume of 264,000 shares, the short interest rate is currently at 3.8 days, where it has been for the past few days. Currently, a 3.6% stake in the company is being sold on the short market.

On October 26, Aspen Technology’s latest financial report was released. Aspen Technology’s stock is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol AZPN. The technology company reported EPS of $1.98 for the quarter, beating analysts’ average estimate of $1.09 by $0.89. The technology company reported EPS of $1.98 for the quarter, beating analysts’ average estimate of $1.09 by $0.89. Aspen Technology’s return on equity was 5.75%, while the company’s net profit margin was 21.55%. The company actually brought in $255.82 million in revenue for the quarter, well above the $236.76 million the company had projected for the full quarter. The company reported earnings of $0.65 per common share recorded as earnings in the year-ago period. Compared with the same period last year, Aspen Technology’s sales increased by 84.4%. According to sell-side analysts’ forecasts, Aspen Technology will post earnings of $5.99 per share in 2018.
Shares of Aspen Technology were trading at $206.27 as of Friday trading. Aspen Technology’s lowest price last year was $135.48, and the company’s highest price last year was $263.59. The stock’s trailing 200-day moving average is $216.91, while its trailing 50-day moving average is $236.88. The company has a P/E ratio of 68.76, a P/E ratio of 1.99, and a beta of 0.98. Its market cap is $13.31 billion. The quick ratio is 4.07, the current ratio is 3.24, and the debt-to-equity ratio is 0.02. The quick ratio is the most important of the three.
Several analysts from related industries provided their feedback on related companies. KeyCorp said in a research report released on October 27 that they raised their price target on Aspen Technology from $270 to $280 and rated the company an “overweight.” The research report was published in conjunction with the announcement. The publication added coverage of Aspen Technology to on Oct. 12, when the company was assigned a “hold” rating. Robert W. Baird upped their price target on Aspen Technology to a total of $242.00 in a research report on October 27th. Piper Jaffray gave the company a “neutral” rating in a report on September 19th, and they increased their price target on Aspen Technology to $189.00 to $240.00. The report was made public on Monday. This information was considered during the research process. Among financial analysts surveyed, three have a buy recommendation on the stock and four have a hold rating on the company. According to Bloomberg, the current recommendation on Aspen Technology is “hold,” and the stock is expected to reach an average price target of $243.40 soon.

According to Aspen Technology related news, Vice President FG Hammond sold 2,495 shares of the company on November 30. The company reported this information. The gross proceeds from the sale of the shares were $558,256.25, which equates to a purchase price of $223.75 per share. As a direct result of the sale, the Vice President now owns 20,152 shares of the company. Based on current market prices, the shares are estimated to be worth approximately $4,590,000. The sale was made known to the public through documents initially filed with the SEC and subsequently posted online by the SEC. The company’s officers, directors and officers collectively own one percent of the company’s shares.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of institutional investors involved in buying and selling AZPN stock. In Q3 2018, Wipfli Financial Advisors LLC made a new investment in Aspen Technology with a $33,000 stake. In Q3 2018, Wipfli Financial Advisors LLC made a new investment in Aspen Technology for $33,000. Altshuler Shaham Ltd invested $37,000 in the third quarter for a new stake in Aspen Technology. This was done in the third quarter. CWM LLC’s stake in Aspen Technology increased by 163.9% in the third quarter as the company acquired additional shares. CWM LLC owns a total of 190 shares in the technology company, which currently has a market capitalization of $45,000. In the most recent quarter, this was an increase of 118 shares from the previous quarter’s total. Aspen Technology received a donation of US$ 47,000 from DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale in the third quarter of this fiscal year. IFP Advisors increased its stake in Aspen Technology by 200 times in the third quarter. This is the last but not least. IFP Advisors Inc. now owns 330 shares of the technology company after buying an additional 220 shares in the most recent quarter. IFP Advisors Inc.’s holdings are valued at $51,000. Institutional investors hold 93.73% of the company’s shares.

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