Army invites CodeMettle’s INB2 technology to participate in PC22 exercise

Air and Ground, Multi-Vendor Edge to Enterprise NetOps Visibility and Control

Atlanta, January September 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CodeMettle, an innovative software developer of Network Operations (NetOps) software applications, announced their participation in the recent Army Project Convergence 2022 (PC22) Combined Battalion and Below (INB2) program. INB2 is a multi-waveform monitoring and management capability started in 2019 as a Network Cross-Functional Team (N-CFT) initiative through an Adaptive Acquisition Framework, Middle Tier Acquisition (MTA). INB2 participated in PC22, demonstrating their network management capabilities with the TrellisWare TSM Waveform and Tactical Radio Integration Kit (TRIK) as part of the Integrated Tactical Network (ITN). CodeMettle’s platform-agnostic NetOps software application allows Soldiers to visualize and manage disparate radio technologies and waveforms within a single NetOps platform in distributed battlefield management scenarios. INB2 also aligns with the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) initiative by presenting the Joint Secure but Unclassified Network Common Operational Picture (NetCop).

“Isolated or poorly integrated defensive cyber technologies can delay time-critical communications and decision-making,” he said richard graham, CEO of CodeMettle. “For full-service experimentation, we’re proud to provide defense leaders and operators with a unified view of multiple technologies across disciplines, equipped with essential tasking tools that speed problem identification and remediation.”

Product Manager (PM) Tactical Network Network Operations (TCNO) and Product Owner Network Manager installed and configured INB2 for air and ground TSM network management. The INB2 capability is able to monitor and manage the network and provide situational understanding of the exercise control S6 NetOps unit tactical radio network. INB2 is the first app to offer this functionality for the S6 from the ITN tactical fringe to the highest echelons.

CodeMettle receives real-time feedback from operational users as part of DevSecOps and agile software development methodologies. This collaboration allows for continuous improvement and flexible response to changing requirements and an understanding of the problem to be solved – enabling CodeMettle to deliver better capabilities to the warfighter.

“Defense leaders, network operators and warfighters are excited to see multiple technologies on one screen,” Graham commented. “They also validated the many benefits of integrated network operations and provided valuable feedback on what tactical data is most important — and how they would like to see it. We will use this input to improve future products.”

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