Another week, another opportunity for FSU to take care of business and continue to grow

Syracuse, New York – mike nowell It feels like it came last week.his Florida state Team quiet in locker room ahead of match against rival Miami hurricanewith a high degree of concentration suitable for confrontation games.

If Miami players are jumping around in pregame warmups and letting the emotions brew, then FSU is business.

“You know it’s on purpose,” Norwell said. “It’s not like we haven’t done it before, but it’s like, man, this is — these guys are ready. When you see that game, it’s an exciting start, but all of our Players, I can feel their focus and control.”

FSU did manage its own business against Miami, a 45-3 win by the Seminoles dealing with emotional moments or setbacks by focusing on the next game.

Now, at 6-3, FSU has a chance to wrap up an encouraging 2022 campaign on a high note, heading to Syracuse (6-3) against a team that has been injured in three straight games. For a steadily growing program, the next step is to dial in and sharpen on a consistent basis.

“I mean, that’s what we want our program to be,” Nowell said. “You can have great moments, and we’ve had great moments over the last few years, but it’s about steady and continuous growth and improvement. That’s our goal. Our focus every day is that we can go out and be Be the best and keep getting better.

That’s the bridge FSU is trying to cross as it goes from small wins to big wins at this stage of the building process.

The Seminoles started the week with seven o’clock favorite. The spread climbed to -8.5 points on Friday afternoon, only to return to -7 points a few hours later. QB status Garrett Schraderaccording to the coach, who has been dealing with an unspecified “ouchie” Dinosaur BarbersIt is likely to play with the wave line.

As players have continued to say in recent weeks, it’s about FSU. The spread, whether it’s -7 pips, -1 pips or -10 pips, doesn’t matter. The Seminoles have what it takes to win this game if they focus and execute. Syracuse hasn’t played well of late, and it’s a vulnerable opponent that better opponents should be able to deal with with relative ease.

Will the Seminoles focus after a week of wins? Can they perform at a high level again?

That’s what Norvell is looking forward to tonight, and it’s what he’s seen in practice this week. Teams lock in and get better over time.

Carrying it over to race day again would be another step in the right direction for this planned climb.

“I believe in our players, they’ve seen the times when we’ve done well, and then they’ve seen the times when we might lose focus for a split second or not be able to stay focused during a game, or even in a season. Now we have an opportunity to do that this week,” Norwell said. “I can’t talk to you about two weeks or three weeks from now, but I know we can control this week. That’s what I want to see, and that’s what this team knows we need to do because it’s Saturday. great challenge.”

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