Annexus Health Appoints David Meier as Chief Technology Officer and Katy Wile as VP of Product Delivery

David Meyer Lead Annexus Health’s product, data and technology teams, Katie Wiley Leading product delivery and customer training

Sewickley, Pennsylvania, October 13th of March 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Annexus Health, Inc., a leading healthcare technology company revolutionizing the patient journey through its innovative solutions, today announced that it has recently added David Meyer Serves as the CTO of the leadership team. David oversees the company’s data science and analytics, data management, software engineering, quality assurance, infrastructure, cybersecurity, product design, and product management teams.

During his 15 years of experience, including 12 years in healthcare, David has led teams in lending, revenue cycle and healthcare compliance. He specializes in leading innovative teams as well as launching and scaling start-ups, and excels in leading both onshore and offshore teams.

“What drew me to Annexus Health was the company’s unique mission and the true dedication of its employees to that mission,” David said. “I am humbled and excited to be a part of this amazing team.”

In addition to David, Annexus Health recently dug up Katie Wiley, former director of Huron Research’s enterprise solutions team, in a key role. Katy now serves as Vice President of Product Delivery for Annexus Health, leading a team responsible for integrating the company’s digital solutions with suppliers and life sciences customers, as well as end-user training.

“I’m excited to work with people who are passionate about improving the patient experience and minimizing the burdens associated with accessing care,” Katie said. “It’s inspiring to be part of such an innovative, mission-driven organization!”

David and Katy join Annexus Health as the company continues to make strides in combating financial toxicity in healthcare and improving patients’ access to critical care.So far, more than $2.4 billion Patient financial assistance has been processed through the Annexus Health workflow platform, auxiliary point®since 2018.

“We’ve come a long way from where we started, and it’s the people on our amazing team that have gotten us to where we are: game-changing forces in healthcare, with a strong provider footprint, a rapidly expanding network of life Scientific partners and, most importantly, have an unparalleled impact on patients and their families,” said Annexus Health co-founder and CEO Joe Baffin“I have no doubt that David and Katie will be valuable players in helping us continue to disrupt the way the patient journey is managed.”

“We’re delighted to have David and Katie onboard as we head into a busy fourth quarter and a transformative year ahead,” said Brad Fraser, co-founder and president of Annexus Health. “Their vast experience and outstanding leadership will help guide our delivery and technical teams through the many exciting developments we’re about to achieve.”

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