Abandoned Elm Street warehouse is causing trouble for a nearby business

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – A desolate warehouse on Elm Street in Toledo has been a problem in the Toledo community for decades.

Problems with the warehouse first began in 2009, when 20-year-old Cindy Sumner was found dead inside. Since then, shantytown residents, adults and neighbor’s children have occupied the warehouse, which has aroused the attention of neighbors.

Neighbors recently reported children throwing large rocks from the abandoned building. According to neighbors, the kids were damaging trailers and cars parked at a towing company across the street.

Tow Trucking business owner Merle Ulch said the children had done a lot of damage and he had to pay for it.

“A month ago I would say $4,000, and this year four trucks could be another two or $3,000. These are customer cars that we come here to fix,” Ulch said.

He doesn’t think it’s an issue he should be dealing with because the city has said for years that they will demolish the land.

“The building should be demolished because some bodies have been found there in the past. And it’s hard to say if there are more people there, homeless people living there, etc. Nobody wants to go into that building, They were scared, and the police were scared to even go into the building,” Ulci said.

Ulch said he called the city and the land bank several times to no avail.

“They tell us to call the mayor, but you can’t reach the mayor. It’s a circle and that’s it. The police come and tell them you can’t do anything to reach the mayor. So what’s the police department for,” Ulch said .

Unlike many properties around the city, this demolition is in the hands of the land bank rather than the demolition department. Land Bank President and CEO David Mann said environmental work to remove asbestos will begin next week and the building could be headed for a wrecking ball soon.

Ulch said it was time. “It’s going to be a lot better because the kids can’t go out there and hide in the building and have a party instead of being at home with the parents who are supposed to be taking care of them,” Ulch said.

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